Hey there!

My name is Daniel Shirvani and I’m a Medical Student at the University of British Columbia (Class of 2027), at the beautiful Vancouver campus. I thought to create a simple webpage to connect with colleagues and like-minded folks.

So, here’s an abbreviated introduction

I’ve been a computer programmer since childhood, so the intersection of tech & medicine is an area that I love (My other interests, such as guitar and Formula 1 racing, didn’t mix as easily).

In 2019, I founded a project named Leftindust to create open-source medical record software. The project was closed in late 2022, but not without making some noise.

Our story was featured in an article by Google. And later, I presented a TEDx Talk about the hidden dangers of electronic records in patient care.

And here the story continues…

In addition to exploring my clinical interests, I have continued my exploration into medical software and its impacts on clinical care in British Columbia.

If that interests you, shoot me an email!

(And if it doesn’t, still send me an email. We can talk about other things, like the 2021 Formula 1 season)

Looking forward to getting in touch 🙂


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